To Err Might Be Human, But What Is It Costing Your Company?

Human error is, in many ways, inevitable. We’ve all fallen foul to concentration lapses or misunderstandings in our time. And, quite often, they happen when we’re at work. That shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Until, of course, you consider how much human error could cost on a business-wide scale. 

Let’s say, for instance, that each member of your team makes one mistake during the tax year. That’s a small number of errors in a personal sense but, when added together, they have the potential to cost you as much $20,000+.

Suddenly, human error doesn’t seem like such a forgivable trait. Rather, it starts to look like something you should tackle now to run your business better later. The question is, where exactly do errors cost you the most, and what can you do to avoid them?

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Incorrect accounting

One wrong zero on an invoice or pay packet could spell curtains for your profits. That’s terrible news. Luckily, there are two prime ways for you to overcome this risk. One would be to seek outside accounting support from teams with the software and time to dedicate solely to this task. Unlike Karen from your office, who has to juggle accounts alongside everything else, they’ll thus be able to take their time and avoid silly mistakes. If you use outdated hand-created invoices, etc., you might also want to consider a digital switch to programs like the one found at Automation and digitization can, after all, drastically reduce the risk of the dreaded human misprint. 

Unsatisfactory service

Human error can also lead to unsatisfactory service. This is another significant profit setback, as it could lead to the need for refunds, courtesy discounts, and even lost custom. All it takes is an order that gets lost along the way or a momentary lapse in customer service itself. Again, digitizing and automating as many processes as possible can help to remove human errors such as forgotten orders and the like. You may also find that customer service courses like those found at give your team the tools to keep performing at their best, with no sign of politeness slip-ups in sight. 

Lost opportunities

Human error can also lead to lost opportunities, especially where unread emails or delayed replies come into play. As simple as that, your team could cost you not only customers, but also investors, suppliers, and more. That’s why you should always seek an email provider that allows for flagged conversations and the removal of spam along the way. By pairing this with the delegation of one team member to take care of each open conversation you’re having of this nature, you should find that far more deals come your way, and far fewer errors take place. 

You can’t altogether eliminate the risk that your team members will make errors along the way. What you can do is arm them with the tools necessary to ensure that those risks don’t become lost cash out of your bigger business budget.