Top 27 Chromebook Apps for Students

What you can do on your Chromebook is only limited by your imagination. No matter what you want to do, there’s probably already a Chrome OS app or a web based app to take care of it.

Find Chromebook Apps for Students

Create and Edit Documents

Google Docs allows you to create and edit many different types of documents. This includes text files, Microsoft Word documents, PDFs and more.

Of course, if you want the true Microsoft Office experience, you could also use Office 365, but then you’d have to pay $7+ a month for it. Google Docs is free.

Create and Edit Spreadsheets

Google Sheets is Google’s web based answer to Microsoft Excel. Most Excel keyboard shortcuts work in Google Sheets, and cloud collaboration makes it easy for multiple people to contribute.

Create and Edit Presentations

Google Slides is a powerful way to create professional quality presentations for free. You can even import and edit your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

Prezi is the next generation of presentation software. Rather than focusing on boring slides, Prezi gives you an infinite canvas to create. Add words, pictures, or videos anywhere on your whiteboard to help convey information to your audience.

VoiceThread allows you to have a real voice conversation with viewers of your presentation in real-time. Connect your voice with documents, videos and presentation slides to engage viewers on the fly.

Create and Edit Audio

With Twisted Wave you can create and edit audio, all from the comfort of your browser. Record, upload or import audio from Google Drive and Sound Cloud.

Create and Edit Videos

WeVideo isn’t just for recording from your webcam. It also has a robust video editing interface you can use to create and edit videos.

Animoto helps you create amazing videos quickly and easily from your photos and video clips. Just choose a style, drop in a funky beat and you’re well on your way to viral video stardom.

Create and Edit Images

Documents need some sprucing up? You can use Google Drawings to easily add flow charts, layout charts and diagrams to your documents, or publish to the web.

Sumo Paint is a full featured image editor, comparable to Photoshop. It has a lot of great features that include loading images from a URL and saving to the cloud.

Sketchpad gives you the power to create quick sketches using a large library of shapes and tools. Perfect for the artistically inclined.

Pixlr Editor will definitely give Photoshop, GIMP and Paintshop Pro a run for their money. All your favorite features in an easy to use interface, 100% free.

Create 3D Objects

Create complex 3D objects crazy fast with TinkerCAD. Start with basic objects and manipulate and combine them until they’re exactly what you want. Easy to learn and very powerful.

3Dtin is another nice 3D object creator, similar to TinkerCAD. It is web based and utilizes WebGL so it may not function as well in low end machines.

Create a Diagram

Lucidchart is a web based program which allows you to create a plethora of different diagrams, including flow charts, mind maps, org charts, wire frames and more. It has a number of templates you can use to get started quickly. You can even collaborate with others and work on diagrams together in real time.

Cacoo is a free app that allows you to create diagrams such as site maps, wire frames, flow charts and more. Like Lucidchart, it also allows for real-time online collaboration.

Use a Graphing Calculator

With Desmos Graphing Calculator you can plot functions, create tables, add sliders, animate your graphs and more. The beautiful, fun way to explore math.

Learn About Astronomy

Explore the universe using 3D Solar System Web right in your Chrome browser. Learn about the planets and the sun using HTML5 and WebGL.

Planetarium provides a stunning view of the night sky. Discover the most visible stars in the sky, along with constellations and more.

Voice Recognition

Dictation turns your Chrome browser into a voice recognition app. Use your speech to create documents and save them to the cloud with ease. Fully integrated with Google Drive and DropBox.

Dictanote combines a full featured text editor with a multi-language speech recognizer. Dictanote supports over 25 languages and allows you to create a document faster than you ever could typing.

Use a Digital Whiteboard for Collaboration

Collaborate with your team instantly using Realtime Board. Add photos, videos, sticky notes and documents to help keep everyone on the same page.

Read Books

Google Play Books has over 4 million titles and counting. Read from virtually any device you own and even download books for offline reading. Change font, layout, highlight text and create notes directly in the book. Perfect for students.

Kindle Cloud Reader lets you access all of your Kindle books easily from your Chromebook. Discover new books and read them from any device with the Amazon web store.

Practice Typing

Typing Club teaches you how to type with a fun and educational game. Get 3 stars in every level to master your typing skills. It even has a free school portal.

TypingWeb Typing Tutor leads students through a variety of lessons, each focusing on a different aspect of learning how to type. It also has powerful tools teachers can use to monitor student progress.

Explore Human Anatomy

Biodigital Human allows you to gain a unique perception of human anatomy in a compelling 3D environment. Learn about anatomy, disease and treatments.