Trend Power: Using It To Boost Your Online Sales

Follow, like, comment, or share. That is what we are invited to do on a daily basis in response to online trends. It is through this interaction that online fashions gain traction and momentum. Making them the perfect horse to ride for some quick and easy online business success. So read on to find out how you can utilize what is trending right now to boost your sales and increase your online profits.

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The first task in using trends to your own advantage is to identify them. What are the hottest topics, colors, keywords, and products at the moment?

To do this,  you can use a variety of online tools. One such tool is a keyword rank checker. These are programs that allow you to find out what the key phrases around any particular subject are. Something that will indicate where the trends lie.

Then, there are also sites like Google trends, for a more general look at what is popular over a certain time period. Don’t forget blogs and social media trend trackers either, as these can help you get an idea of specific themes and ideas that are part of the current zeitgeist.

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From this, you can work backward to identify the type of products that are trending that fit in with your business model. With a view to offering them to your client base.


Once you have identified the trend, you will need to ensure that you have the funds in place to be able to secure the product you wish to sell on at a profit. This is very important when using what is trending as a basis for sales because things can change so quickly. So, if you haven’t got immediate funding available you can risk losing sales momentum because other companies will get in first. Taking the share of the market that you are hoping to exploit.

That means if you are looking exploit what is trending for profit you will need to have funding prearrange and easily accessible.  A good way to secure this is to use a line of credit that will provide flexible funding as and when you need it. Allowing you to move with the fashions online and enabling you to make the most out of flash in the pan trends.

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Although, it is worth noting that small business line of credit rates can be higher than traditional loans. However, you only pay interest on what you have borrowed. As opposed to on the entire amount as you would in a traditional loan situation. So it can still work out to be financially in your favor.

Move the product

After you have secured the product in the necessary numbers, it’s time to use what is trending to sell units.

Social media is a great way of doing this as you can include tags, images, and even instructional videos to garner customers’ interest and ensure that your product is seen by as many people as possible.

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Don’t forget to make your trending product available to your current customer base too, by sending out emails or texts. As if they have already bought from you, you have a trust relationship that you can use to close the deal and move those units quickly for a fast profit.