How To Turn Your Disgruntled Employees Into Ambassadors For Your Brand

Businesses like to think that PR is something that can be dealt with in one particular department. But the truth is that it is a business-wide effort, involving everybody in your team.

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It’s a good idea, therefore, to think about ways not only to prevent employees damaging your brand but to help them promote it. Each time they interact with somebody external to the company, their passion for the product and for the brand should be clear.

Here’s how to transform your disgruntled workforce into brand ambassadors.

Show Staff What Good Communication Means

Zeynep Ilgaz, and entrepreneur currently working in the bio-sciences says that entrepreneurs need to set an example as leaders. This, she says, does more than keep a company profitable: it also helps to transfer top-notch communications skills to all people in the firm. Employees, she says, have to have a clear picture of who their leader is, what motivates them, and what they find valuable before they can emulate those values themselves. How that leader responds to conflict and adversity is key because this is how employees learn.

A recent poll by Harris discovered that when leaders have open communication with their team, employees are more likely to foresee a brighter future for their company. Under those circumstances, they’re far more likely to do what’s in the long-term interest of the company, including building close relationships with customers, no matter what their role. Staff who are confident in the future of the company will create authentic connections and be more creative than those who aren’t.

Encourage Employees To Go An Extra Mile

Most companies just reward sales. It’s something that has worked in the past, but in today’s more sophisticated world where consumers are ever-more skeptical of the hard sell, companies need to look beyond commission.

One thing that they can do is reward not only staff who make sales but also those who go above and beyond when it comes to customer service. Business owners need to look out for opportunities to create well-rounded employees who customers can feel confident will solve their problems.

Recognising employees is also good for the health of your team. Companies with recognition programmes cut their turnover by nearly a third.

Create A Professional Image

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One of the reasons ambassadors are so well dressed is that they want to create the best impression possible before getting down to business. As a result, companies need to focus on things like attire and name badges. Companies, like Imagin Badges, help businesses give their employees a uniform and professional appearance, generating both trust and confidence in their customers.

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Get Employees To Do Company Advocacy

When it comes to marketing on social media, your employees are an asset. A study by MSLGROUP found that posts that were shared by employees of a company had 561 percent of the reach of posts shared by the official company social media account alone.

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Social media policies that make it clear to employees what the company’s goals are help them to leverage their own accounts to increase sales.