Twitter, news, Minority Report and the future.

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Its amazing to me what can be “broadcast” in 140 characters.  But what I came to realize this morning is Twitter is a perfect example of what the internet can do for something like the news.  It decentralizes how news is covered.  Which is exactly how the the internet keeps us all connected.

Twitter news example – a very serious crash happened this morning in the Bronx leave unknown fatal and serious injuries.

That is one of the first tweets.  Sounds like Mr. Schwartz was out for a walk and heard the sirens.  What happened next even surprised Mr. Schwartz.

In the “old” news world we waited for the news outlets to post to us.  Now – they end up leveraging Twitter as their “early warning system” of sorts.  Do the news outlets need Twitter – yes.  Does this make them more effective…for the moment.  We, are still reliant upon them (the news outlets) because the Twitters of the world do not have time/resources to take the massive amount of information and data they have an find a way to package it up for us.

As we evolve the system – the Twitter, Instagram, Facebook feeds, even Pinterest, Etsy, and yelp style information will merge and become more integrated.  This will allow for our thumbprint to determine the kinds of information we receive in our customized channel.

This is not limited to news – this has bearings on all the things we do.  What we read, what we buy the things we like to do.  If you remember the movie Minority Report – there was a scene where the advertising was following around the main character and customizing on the fly…sound familiar?  I think of that scene all the time.

You get my point – we see some of this out of Google and some from other companies.  Its a bit creepy and a bit interesting and a whole lot more of what we will see out of the future.

More to come on this subject…I love it!