Understanding Unconventional Web Design

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In general web design tends to follow established traditions of form and function, from the individual attempting to format their own web page through to the professional designers working on massive corporate contracts; there are a range of accepted design formats that everybody adheres to. But in the world of unconventional web design these rules are turned on their heads so that the web pages that are produced stand out from the crowd. Just as there have been different schools of artistic though in all areas of art and design, so too the world of web design has given birth to an avant-garde school of designers who are bucking the trends and using the newest technologies to grab the attention of internet users.

Chaos Theory

The basis for unconventional web design often revolves around the unpredictability of chaos theory; the designers intentionally ignore some of the standard rules and applications of design in order to achieve their goals. You may be asking yourselves why they do this and in order to appreciate their design ingenuity you should first consider just how many sites there are currently on the internet. Think about how many of those sites all conform to the same rules of design and layout, functionality and form.  Once you understand how mired the playing field is in the tradition of rigid design protocols you will understand why they strive to bring something new and fresh into the arena. Unconventional web design brings with it a new and exciting element, breaking through the monotony of millions of lookalike sites.

Niche Audience

Of course the impact that these unconventional sites have is not for everyone, many people have become accustomed to a straightforward user interface, a clear menu layout and a very straight forward and no nonsense approach to accessing the information that they want. To them a new kind of interface that does not conform to the norm is something that they are not willing to entertain, but for those that have become bored with the regularity of the internet they are fresh and exciting and just what the doctor ordered to relieve the monotony of the web. Unconventional design does contain within it a lot of complicated elements that many users will not be prepared to try and get to grips with, it can mean that a site is almost inconvenient to use and there can also be technical issues that no one but the original developer will be able to understand and rectify.

Risky Business

Getting involved in unconventional design can be risky as it is still so new, so against the norm that not everyone will want to buy into your design or understand your concept. The majority of the people that use the World Wide Web for either business or pleasure will often select the functionality and ease of use of a site over the way that it looks and is presented, and an unconventional design may unwittingly alienate part of your perceived target audience.

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