Using search marketing to build awareness of your vaping brand

In a competitive industry such as vaping, Ecommerce is one of the areas that your business must invest in to succeed.

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One of the major ways that any business must use to build awareness of their website and products is search marketing. Being listed in high ranking spots at the search engines is one of the best ways to ensure you’re being seen by tens of thousands of searchers each day.

To make this process easier here is a plan you can follow for your search marketing.

  1. Finding out what potential customers are searching for.
    The quickest way to do this is to visit your biggest competitors and find pages on their websites that you either know or believe are popular. Save a list of these links in a spreadsheet, you only need between 5-10 pages.

  2. Steal your competitors best search terms
    Go to and create an account if you don’t already have one. Use the keyword research tool within Adwords and paste in the links you got from your competitors website.

    Adwords will now list the popular terms that it finds on these web pages.

  3. Answer your customer questions
    In any business you must be able to understand your customer. There are online services available that let you see the questions searchers are asking that are related to your business and industry. is one of these services.

Visit their site and type in a keyword relating to your industry such as ‘vaping’. KeywordTool will list the search terms they’re using as well as the questions they’re asking. Using this information you can build content on your website to answer these questions and bring in new visitors and turn them into customers.

By combining your competitor’s popular keywords and the questions you found on you will have a good chance of convincing a customer you understand them, as the web pages you build will answer all the questions they have.

  1. Build links to your content
    Without visitors to your website your content will just sit there, unread. One of the ways to make your content rank well at search engines is to build links in from other related websites. Building links can be a complicated process and should be undertaken by an experienced marketing company such as eventige.

    The link building process can take many months, but the aim is to have high quality website pages linking back to pages on your website, showing the search engines that your website is popular and should be shown to more people as it answers their questions.

Show off your products
All of your best content should engage a visitor and entice them to click through to read about your products. The content you create should encourage them so that when they get to your product pages they’re ready to buy, making each visitor high value to your company.