Using Social Media for SEO

Using social media for seo is a relatively new entry into the world of internet. Facebook has not eve complete a decade of existence and Google+ is less than a year old. However, you cannot deny the importance of social media platforms in the modern day online world. Social media influences the search engine rankings in a very big way now. But, people are not very clear as to how you can leverage social media for your SEO campaign. Google has not yet revealed the weightage given to social media presence, but we can make a few educated guesses.

Increase the number of likes and +1s

The ‘Like’ button on Facebook and the ‘+1’ for Google has become an increasingly popular way of appreciating the value of internet content. Both Bing and Google have admitted that social authority of a user influences the results.

Bing spokesperson said that they look at factors like number of people who follow you, re-tweets, and people you follow while providing the search results. Google also said that signal like re-tweets and shares are used for their organic results. Bing and Google made these statements in 2010. You can safely assume that in the two years that have passed, these social signals have gained importance.

Despite the growing importance of these signals you should not get carried away. In fact, there are services which will provide you with a huge number of likes or +1’s for a nominal fee. If these signals were given a lot of importance then anyone with enough money to buy ‘likes’ would be on top of the results by now. It is clear that social signals have some weightage, but not a lot, when it comes to SERPs.

Increasing your audience

Increasing the number of shares and likes on a social media site is only a small part of how you can harness their power for your SEO campaign. The best use of these platforms is when you can increase your audience and in the process increase your authority as well.

Based on what Google and Bing had to say about social signals, it is clear that if you can establish yourself as the authoritative figure in the social media space for your industry, then you will see the results reflected in your SEO campaign.

Increasing the authority of your brand will not only help you for SEO but it will also have a positive impact on your sales. Guest posting, comments and forums, Twitter, StumbleUpon and other tools should be used to increase the popularity of your blog.

Engaging with other authoritative figures

One of the ways in which social media has revolutionized online business is that you are able to communicate with leaders within your industry. This was not possible a few years back. You can use other renowned figures in your industry to share or tweet your content which will provide a big boost to your visibility. It is important to remember that these relations develop over time. Never demand other to share your content, let it happen gradually.

Author Bio:This is a guest article by ZK who is the co-founder of blog Web Marketing Blog where accomplished writers and bloggers share their tips, strategies and stories.