Using Technology To Improve Your Customer Service: 5 Simple Ideas

In the modern business world, we are more reliant on technology than ever before. Perhaps you’re feeling left behind in terms of business technology? Maybe you’re ready to become more tech-savvy but aren’t sure where to start? If you can relate, try making a simple start with these five ways to use tech and improve your customer service.

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1. Productivity Applications

Productivity is essential to succeed in the business world, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to achieve. To improve your customer service as a company, there are various tools you can use.

Toggl: The Toggl app allows you to track the time that you spend on various tasks. With this application, you can monitor productivity levels. Toggl presents users with data in bar graphs and pie graphs. With this data, it’s easy to see which of your projects are the most time-consuming.

Zapier: With the Zapier app, you can integrate all of the apps that you use. Zapier exchanges data between your apps, saving you time, and streamlining the completion of your projects.

Asana: Asana is a popular project management tool that you can use to organize your workloads. With the app, you can set deadlines, share details, allocate tasks, and more. Using the Asana boards, it’s simple to visualize workloads, collaborate, and track project completion.

2. Monitor Your Performance

Businesses need to continuously evaluate their performance to identify weak areas and make improvements. Keeping track of your performance is also beneficial to inform your marketing campaigns. Conversion rate optimization tools are useful to monitor user behavior. These insights can be useful to improve your website or your SEO. You should also ask your web visitors for feedback so that you can enhance your user experience.

3. Managed IT Services

There are several benefits to investing in managed IT services. Managed IT services can offer plenty of expert IT support, including 24/7 remote monitoring, cybersecurity services, help desk services, backup and recovery, and general troubleshooting. Modern businesses are reliant on advanced IT systems to succeed, but this doesn’t mean that they have IT expertise themselves! With a managed service, you’ll gain a team of talented experts to keep you safe and sound online. For some high-quality managed IT services check out

4. Video Marketing 

Using video is just about the best marketing move you can make in our current climate. Video boosts conversions, improves engagement, establishes credibility, informs, and entertains. Whether it’s an educational live stream, a fun video on TikTok, or a product demonstration, make sure that video is part of your 2020 content strategy.

5. Chatbots To Improve Your Customer Service

Chatbots are a top way to improve your customer service; they can answer customer queries on a large-scale, 24/7. Many consumers prefer to converse using messaging chat, as opposed to a telephone call. By using Chatbots, you’ll have a quick and easy way of answering customer queries on your website. With a convenient around the clock service, you’ll generate more leads and improve your customer service.