Video SEO Tips That Will Truly Improve Your Website


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Every beginner needs to understand one thing about search engine optimization – video is essential. Lots of websites don’t understand this key factors and their ranking drops as a result. Not only is a video a great source of additional information, but YouTube is one of the social media kings with millions of views each day. There is not a single website that can ill afford to exploit the benefits of video SEO.

Here are a few tips for the people that are not up to date and who want to improve their website’s ranking.

Create Engaging Content

The video should keep viewers engaged because it is entertaining. There are people who watch videos because they are a train wreck, but that is not a good thing for the website. The video is a representation of the brand and your company, so it needs to be high-quality. Think of an idea that people want to watch and make a hard copy. Show it to a couple of people and get their opinion. Or, if it is an introductory video, make sure the person is articulate and presentable. The best videos lure people to the site and make them want to find out more about the company.

Take Editing Classes

Any video needs editing before it goes live – that is rule number one in the video marketing handbook. Still, you may not be very good at editing because you don’t have the right skills. Most people don’t because they have never come across editing before, or at least they have never come across the tools that you need to use. An editing course or training program will teach you everything you need to know so that the final product is of a high standard. An after effects training course is just one of many courses that you can find that are also reasonably priced.


Likes, Comments And Shares Matter

It is easy to see why likes and shares matter. From a social media point of view, the more likes and shares you get, the more aware people will become of the video. And, because the video represents your brand, people will also become more aware of that, too. Comments are different. Yes, comments do play their part when it comes to social media and advertising. But, they also allow you to strike up a conversation with your customer base. By talking to them through the comment section, you can divert them to other areas of the site. Plus, you can learn more about them and their likes and dislikes while building a relationship all the while.

The Keyword Opportunity

At the end of the day, Google places a lot of emphasis on the terms browsers use to search. From your point of view, you need their searches to match closely the terms that you are incorporating into the website. Google rewards sites that do this, and video marketing is another opportunity to use naturally keywords and phrases.

Put them in the title of the video and tag the video, too, as metadata is also a good tool.