Web 2.0 with IT

So the the GFOC Web 2.0 group gave our Web 2.0 presentation to our IT department at their monthly meeting. It was a little rough around the edges, we will have to polish back up and then see if we can do a few more of them.

It is always so interesting to hear the different comments and feel the vibe of the group. It was cool to hear the IT geeks asking a lot of questions about ROI and how we think “Web 2.0” can make money.

I found this article/website which address some of that this morning, it is called Measuring Web 2.0: How to Promote the Features That Get the Best ROI. It doesn’t address the exact question the IT geeks had about how to sell it – but it addresses how you know what really impacts blogs, wikis, widgets and user-generated content you have.