The Website: The Best Marketing Tool You Will Ever Have


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When was the last time you did anything to make your website stand out? It is such a peril of the smaller business that the website can be the furthest thing from your mind. Yet it should be right at the front! People, and more importantly, customers, will look at your website and decide if it is suitable for them. If it’s not user-friendly, or it is too wordy, it will be a big turn-off. Have a look at these basic approaches and see if you can give your site the overhaul it needs.

The Content

It has to be of a high standard. Regardless of how little text you have, make it compelling and easy to read.

Test Your Website Out

Do this regularly. Look at it from the perspective of the customer. Put new ideas to see if they will sink or swim. Try something new all the time. So be bold and creative. If it doesn’t work, then you can cross it off your list. Trying something small each time instead of a major overhaul will be a lot easier to recover from.

Make The Site Accessible


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User-friendly sites are a must. And is it mobile friendly? It’s likely that people will look at the site from a tablet or a smartphone. So, create a mobile version. If you don’t have one, there is always a cheap web designer that can help with this.

Use Colors That Work Well Together

Primary colors are all well and good, but it doesn’t make the site stand out. Attract and entice the user, don’t use a big splodge of red all over the landing page.

Use Attractive Typography

Describing your site as concisely as possible will work better than War And Peace. And in your text make words stand out with a different color or font. Laying out the layout is half the battle in making an attractive piece of text.

Use A Background Pattern That Stands Out

This can be a tricky beast, as you don’t want the background to overshadow the foreground. It needs to be complementary to your content. Work with different styles and ask for user opinion.

Be Customer Focused


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They are who you are aiming your communication towards. Your website needs to be reflective of this. The more your business grows, the more understanding you will have about your customers so you will need to change your website to reflect this.

Know Who Your Competitors Are

Are there other businesses who are offering something you cannot? Are they enticing people with offers or are they more attractive for another reason? Traffic equals custom.

Invest In Your Site

Your website is one of the most important tools. Take time to invest your resources in your site.

Link It To Your Social Media Accounts

If it isn’t part of your marketing technique, then it needs to be. Do blogs, vlogs and anything in between. Having a more personal approach will give your image and brand a leg up. Changing and evolving with the times is an essential practice you need to be implementing.