Wedding Site Designs – creative, stress free wedding planning

After 40 years in decline, the trend for marriage is up and so is the desire to shout it from the rooftops, desktops and mobiles.

We’ve taken a look at 11 wedding websites and brought some inspiration which will save you time, money and effort. Here are some easy build personal websites, it’s simpler than you think, take a peek! 

Marisa and Tyler

What a brilliant pic to set the scene, makes you want to be part of the big day as they look like such a fun couple. Have a look around their site, it tells a lovely story, including the initial proposal.

We liked – the clutter free design and the card layout for the photo’s.

We’d suggest – a guest book section and definitely a space for a few pics of the day.

Alex and Tyler

These guys partnered up with a travel site which seems a fairly smart move.

The plans are firmly centred around the accomodation and getting there, with enough info to allow guests some ‘savings goals’.

We liked – The info on the accommodation and knowing roughly what it will cost us to attend this event.

We’d suggest – more pics of the bride and groom to be, this is their big day but the page is hijacked by the travel company.

Matt & Rachel

Now this couple show bags of enthusiasm, Matt we are so glad that Rachel can be there too! The choice of photo’s is excellent, there’s considerable effort gone into this page.

We liked – the story of how they met, and how much personality comes across in each section. Matrimonial Pursuit is a great touch too guys.

We’d suggest – put the individual pics onto the ‘Our Story’ page, and the carousel on the Home page as it is easier for the visitor to follow on first visit to the site. We also suggest they work on improving their website performance as it was a bit laggy. I’m sure they can learn more here about how to improve their WordPress sites performance using a VPS.

James & Lauren

James and Lauren have chosen the perfect destination, I bet the guests cannot wait to get Christmas over and done with and be on their way!

The couple have made every effort to include all necessary info, along with maps and pics of the resort.

We liked – the info on Fiji, and the alternative accommodation list with the maps.

We’d suggest – a better quality photograph on the home page, and maybe it’s time to update that itinerary.

Emily & Jonathan

Oh guys, this is a great page, you tell such a wonderful story and there are lots of little details there that guests were able to look up.

We liked – the main photo and also thought the RSVP section to be a very useful addition, not something we saw on many other sites.

We’d suggest – mix it up a bit with the text and the pics, it’s a great read but it would be further enhanced if not too text heavy.

Jamie & Steven

Such a simple layout but elegant and beautiful, the pics appear carefully chosen and blend so well with the overall color palette and design.

We liked – the effort that went into the site once the big day was over, don’t you just love a happy ending to a perfect day.

We’d suggest – add a page for your anniversaries, this would make a lovely online diary for your children/grandchildren.

Scott & Audrey

There is a really nice flow to this story, how the couple met, the proposal, and wonderful pics which include family and friends.

We liked the Alice Through the Looking Glass references which add a little extra sparkle to the romantic day.

We’d suggest – a different hero (main image) unless these woodland trees have some very personal meaning, sorry guys, as it’s a little creepy.

Nathan & Brighton

Aaawww this is just gorgeous, the lady is smitten, and if you enter the site it’s easy to see that the gentleman is too.

We liked – the back story on the wedding party, it’s a wonderful touch which we’re sure would make conversation on the day with people who have never met before.

We’d suggest – a section on the big day, perhaps some pics too.

Nick & Lauren

We picked this site for it’s detail, and also the romantic pic of the Eiffel Tower! There are some very well thought out sections, and a whole pile of info to guide the guests to the event and through the days…yes folks this one is a two day event!

We liked – the level of detail covered in the site overall, your pics are fabulous, and the dropbox link for pics of the day is an awesome touch.

We’d suggest – a different or larger font as there is a lot of text and it’s not that easy on the eye. Took us a while to figure that Michel wasn’t actually marrying anyone.

Katy & Sheri

Beautiful choice of main image, pretty and romantic and sets the expectations for the event.

We liked – The fun questions on the guest page and the Indie Events too, looks like a great weekend with something for everyone.

We’d suggest – maybe just one pic of the happy couple on the day, or even revisit the site on your first anniversary.

Tyler & Elizabeth

We saved the best to last, and what makes this truly awesome is the perspective from both the bride and groom to be. There are wonderful pics, included here is the family pet, Higgins, what a great name for a dog.

We liked – the extra touches such as the link to the Snapchat filter. The Registry is also very humble and acknowledged the distance the guests have to travel just to be there.

So when you get your proposal of a happy life together forever, start planning online, share it with your family and friends and be thoughtful and creative, you just never know you may pop up on an ‘awesome’ list too!