What Could Be Keeping Your Business From Growing?

Do you often find yourself confused, frustrated and in overwhelm? I know what that’s like. Been there, done that!

We were talking with our mentor just the other day and my husband and I told him we’d come to the conclusion that WE were the reason our business wasn’t growing.  You see, not only were we trying to run our major website, we were also in the process of starting a new one on top of the two we already have running.

Then our children are running their online businesses and we found ourselves entertaining their questions as well.

After we took a look at what we were doing, we realized we had to take some serious steps and restructure.

Here are 9 tips for not going into overwhelm mode:

  • Run one business at a time. Concentrate only on the business at hand.  It’s easy to come up with great ideas and run out and register a new domain.  It’s what happens after that, that gets you in trouble.  Once you start concentrating on the new domain, your time, energy and thought process is now divided.  The other business begins to suffer and the cash flow slows down.  Frustration sets in because you’re wondering why the first business is no longer working.  You’ve divided your attention.
  • Organizational skills are crucial, if you don’t have them partner with someone who does. Two heads, not on the same shoulder, are always better than one.  The ability to have someone to talk to and get feedback from is invaluable.
  • Make a to-do-list every night and check off each task by the end of the next day.
  • Unless you are fortunate enough to have deep pockets funding your new venture in the beginning phase of your business, you’ll be responsible for a lot of the work. So never have more than 5 things on your to-do-list to complete.
  • You don’t have to “Do” everything. Yes, there is someone who can do it just as good as you.
  • Learn to delegate and outsource.   It will make your life much easier. Professional writing services are available online if you need a writer. Or,  if you need someone to give your site or labels a new look and feel, try your local college. Internship programs can provide you with a willing and eager student looking to make their mark on the world.
  • Learn what it means to give priority to a situation.  If it’s a choice between a meeting with a potential backer and the graphic designer wanting to discuss the layout of your new page, meet with the potential money person.  I know you creative types would rather discuss the layout of the new page, that’s cool.  But do it after you meet with the person that can make sure the graphic designer gets paid.
  • Eating healthy foods and getting a good night’s rest is extremely important.  It’s stressful enough just working through the maze of life. When coupled with running a business and family life, your energy level suffers.  This compromises your immune system and keeps you from being effective in the running of your business.
  • You’re not superman or wonder woman, so be patient with yourself and your progress.

What could be keeping your business from growing?  It could be You!

Juliette Samuel is a person who definitely knows beautiful when she sees it. Juliette has had a very eclectic career working in and around the beauty industry. She has worked as an instructor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She has also been a Professional Image Consultant.

Currently Juliette works as a Skin Care Therapist, acting President and Chief Nose for NYRAJU Skin Care. As such she is in charge of product formulation and development of all scents produced for the line.