What Do Facebook Promoted Posts Mean for Your Business?

When people discuss the recent changes to Facebook, it’s easy to forget that the most significant change to the popular social networking site is that the owners are a lot more serious about making money. One of the ways they’ve devised to make money is through the facebook promoted posts feature.

Facebook Promoted Posts – What Is It?

If you have more than 400 likes on your profile, this policy applies to you. The marketing line you’ll be given about it is that it allows you to reach out to a broader audience with your posts. Of course, you could have reached out to that audience for free before this policy was instituted.

According to Facebook, the posts you put on your timeline before only reached 15 or 16 percent of the people who liked you. The idea behind the new facebook promoted posts feature is that you can pay for inclusion on their walls and, according to the company, you’ll reach more of those people.


One of the drawbacks of facebook promoted posts feature is that, like a pay per click advertisement, is flagged as being a promoted post. People who see it on their walls will know that you paid to have it reach them, which makes it an advertisement and, on a social networking site, that might equate to a nuisance in your follower’s eyes.

The good news is, quite simply, the idea isn’t all-bad. If Facebook can provide you with a way to reach a broader audience, it certainly makes the time you put into your social media promotions more worthwhile. In fact, even though you may not have been paying for people to see your posts before, you were investing time in the effort and, if there was not much of a reward that does equate to a loss.

The bad news is that, in some cases, independent musicians, artists, authors and others have managed to create vast networks of friends and may now have to, as critics have oftentimes called it “pay to play”. This rather eliminates the social in the social networking and, according to people who find the promoted posts feature to be nothing more than an attempt to get money on the part of Facebook, it diminishes the viability of the social network as a way of self-promotion.

Either way, it is reality and, if you are promoting heavily on social media sites, you’re going to have to learn to use it. You’re also going to have to determine for yourself whether or not it’s worth your while to pay for this service. You’ll find conflicting opinions all over the Internet among people who, though they disagree about the value of the program, have a great deal of expertise in web promotion. In the end, it’s going to be up to you or your company as to whether it’s worth it to pay for Facebook promotions.

Using the Feature

The feature really doesn’t change your interface on Facebook very much. When you make a post, you’ll see an extra option among the usual “Post” and “Public” tabs; predictably, it will have the word “Promote”. Click on this tab you’ll be given an option to select how much money you want to spend on promoting the particular post.

After you set an amount, the interface will tell you how many people it estimates that the post will reach. Remember, however, that this post will be flagged as having been promoted, so people will know that they are looking at an advertisement.

The biggest change about facebook promoted posts feature on Facebook is that Facebook now costs you money. While it’s proven itself over and over again as a social networking site, Facebook hasn’t done much in the way of proving that it’s advertising works, which is something businesses will have to determine for themselves.

Matt Dandurand is the CEO of MediaContour.com, offering web design in Los Angeles, CA.