Which Type of SEO Client Does Your Agency Have?

We all know that some SEO clients are easier to work with than others. In most instances, that comes down to their understanding of the industry, and what your company can offer them. We’ve identified four different categories in which most SEO clients appear to fall. While we’ve kept things funny for the sake of our infographic, we’re not telling any lies. Anyone with enough experience in the business will understand what we’re talking about.

  • Obsessive clients can be a real pain for your business. While you want to impress every brand that uses your services, the last thing you need is someone calling your phone ten times each day. Just let us get on with it!
  • Ignorant clients are often the worst kind. They seem to think that you started a business without first educating yourself about SEO. After reading a single article online, they are on the phone offering advice. We don’t need it!
  • Dependent clients are good to work with until something negative happens within their business. While it will be completely unrelated to the SEO efforts you made, they will call and blame you for anything that has gone wrong. It’s not our fault!
  • Perfect SEO clients make up the vast amount of people purchasing your services. They are the ones who listen to your advice, take it on-board, and leave you to get the job done. We love you guys! Can you just let the others know about your approach please? It would make our lives so much easier.



Created by Fat Joe