Why are you scared of SEO?

Whether you run a startup or a multinational corporation, you’ve heard about search engine optimization. SEO can get incredible results.  But many business owners are afraid of investing in SEO.

Why are you scared of SEO?

More Traffic

Businesses invest in SEO to get more visitors to their site. Looking only at the numbers – is there a difference of 10,000 to 50,000 monthly visits?

Yes.  The average conversion rate for an ecommerce website is 2%. So, 2% of website visitors become a paying customer. Based on 10,000 visitors, that means 200 will make a purchase. With 50,000 visitors, the total number of paying customers bumps up to 1,000 per month.

SEO is done for purpose of building traffic. Based on your industry and your products/services you can see the return on investment makes sense.

The ROI of SEO is Excellent

SEO provides quantifiable results which you can easily track and add attribution to.  Track and measure each aspect of your SEO campaign – you can then see what works and what the ROI is. Each increase in ranking, traffic and number of conversions can be measured and you will see how it affects your bottom line.

Are you Getting the Right Kind of Traffic

There’s a reason why organic traffic converts so well in comparison to paid, outbound traffic. People who type in Chicago jewelry are looking for a place in their city where they can buy a necklace or a ring for a gift. They are actively looking for a solution and you are there to instantly provide it.

Outbound marketing methods such as paid ads are much more intrusive. Imagine the same visitor looking for a necklace and being pushed an ad for designer clothing simply because of their search filters and location. Which of the two scenarios are more likely to turn a visitor into a buyer? The first one – as the visitor gets exactly what they were looking for.

Good SEO has Effects Offline

If you’re in an appliance store looking for a new TV, naturally, you’ll look up some reviews online. By going online, you have a high chance of landing on someone’s website, where that same TV is being sold.

The review is good, and would you know it, they also have a better price than the store you are in at the moment. You can see where this is going – you’re more likely to order online and get a better deal, because a website with good SEO has shown you the way.

SEO has quite an effect in the offline world. The vast majority of people who make purchases nowadays go online first to search for a review. This is the perfect chance to steer them towards your website. An experienced SEO agency will know exactly how to help you beat brick and mortar stores using white hat SEO practices and make sure buyers end up at your website instead.

In fact, SEO experts strongly advise optimization especially if you have a local store. This is extremely important for places such as bars, restaurants, hotels etc. According to Google’s own stats, 50% of people who do a local search, visit the store that they found on that very same day. Still not convinced? 18% of local searches on mobile resulted in a sale, also in the same day.

By having a website optimized for local search, you’ll make sure that if someone searches for a restaurant, Google won’t take them to the nearest one – it will take them to yours, since it has flawless SEO.

You Don’t Have to do SEO Yourself

SEO is not the only inbound strategy at your business’ disposal. However, it’s the only one that can completely be outsourced to a third party. While it’s necessary to have someone knowledgeable write your own content and do your social media marketing, you can safely outsource your SEO to an agency and sit back and relax while magic happens.

Of course, this is only valid if you have great content already. From personal experience, it often happens that business owners want to build links, but they don’t have anything worth linking to on their website and blog. Make sure to cover your content before digging into serious SEO campaigns.

Your Competition is Already Using it

If you’ve been slow to add SEO to your marketing arsenal, your competition probably hasn’t been sleeping. In fact, depending on how much work your competition has done, it can be incredibly difficult to make an entrance using SEO and get significant rankings.

By starting an SEO campaign in time, you ensure a solid foundation for years to come. By doing some simple on-page optimization and investing moderately into SEO, you can gain a considerable edge over the competition.

In fact, in some cases, SEO may be the only way to outsmart your competition. If your competitors have large amounts of money to spend on PPC ads and social media advertising, you will be unable to beat them on this front. They may not have the perseverance and time to devote to SEO, and this can be your time to take the crown.

It Can get Great Results, Cheap

For many business owners out there, shelving out money on marketing is one of the hardest things they have to do. You can rarely see the effects, and some marketing strategies can cost and arm and a leg, without getting solid results.

Fortunately, getting SEO services is very cost efficient. With other strategies such as banner ads or content marketing, you’re aiming at the entire world wide web. SEO allows you to pinpoint precisely those people who are interested in your products and services.

Don’t get it confused – SEO is not dirt cheap. In fact, SEO experts can charge anything from $75 to $150 per hour for their services. However, these amounts are only large if you think of SEO as a cost, rather than investment.

Like other inbound strategies (such as content marketing), SEO provides great return on investment and leads that come in through SEO are on average 61% cheaper than those from outbound strategies, such as paid ads or cold calling.

Increased Brand Awareness

What’s the value of having a #1 position in Google for a certain keyword, such as London plumber, for example? The practical value is the number of visitors, conversions and paid customers coming through from organic search. However, there’s another valuable aspect of SEO done properly.

By having a website that ranks well, you get more exposure to your site. Top positions mean a jump in website impressions, and it allows customers to associate your brand with certain keywords and services. Wouldn’t it be nice if people started associating plumbers in London with exactly your workshop?

Another psychological element is that companies that rank on the first page of search results are perceived as more trustworthy.

In the end, the benefits of landing a #1 spot on Google go far beyond monetary incentives. You’ll be able to build awareness and stay on top of visitors’ minds, which is added value to an already great deal for the money invested.

SEO Beats Paid Advertising, Every Time

Over time, web visitors have grown accustomed to ads. So much so, that many of us simply skip them when browsing Google or other websites. In fact, you probably skip the paid suggestions in search results as well.

Why isn’t PPC all that great? Simply because it only works for as long as you’re paying. Once you stop forking out cash, the ads are gone. On the other hand, a properly set up SEO campaign can generate results for months in advance.

If you’re still not convinced, here’s a stat to pay attention to – SEO search engine results get 90% more clicks than those coming in from PPC. Couple that with high costs to get started with PPC, and SEO is clearly the better option of the two.

Better Website Usability

This may sound unlikely, but SEO will bring benefits to your website beyond better rankings and more revenue. As best SEO practices focus on the structure of your website and posts, you will inevitably make for a better user experience.

Besides this, a well-optimized website is lightning fast. The attention span of the average website visitor nowadays is only mere seconds. Do you want to make them spend that time looking at the loading icon or at your latest, hottest product, which happens to be on discount? By using the right SEO tactics, you will be able to significantly decrease the time it takes for your website’s pages to load.

You know what else Google values, besides great structure, good links and lightning-fast load times? Security. Another major ranking factor for websites, security can greatly influence a website’s ranking. Therefore, all properly optimized websites have greater security levels. Needless to say, this will make customers more comfortable with leaving their hard-earned cash in your hands, as they will know the chances of fraud are minimized.

If a site is well structured, has a clean layout and all the content is organized into proper headings and subheadings, two things will happen. First, it will be easier for Google to scan it and find what’s relevant. Second, your users will have a much easier time going through pages and scanning the content.

When done right, proper on-page SEO can bring a multitude of benefits, making both search engines and site visitors happy.

Can You Do SEO on Your Own?

The short answer is – yes, you can absolutely do some aspects of SEO on your own. If you run your own website, you’re probably doing something in regards to SEO already. You can download the Yoast plugin for WordPress and follow the directions to take care of your on-page SEO factors. In regards to off-page, you may be better off consulting an expert.

If you are serious about achieving tangible, measurable results with SEO, it is much better to outsource the task to professionals. You will get better results in less time, and you will probably spend less money as well. Think about it, would you rather be learning about SEO or doing more for your business and increasing your profit?

About Author:

Neil Helson is the marketing manager at Blurbpoint Media, SEO, SMM and digital marketing company. He is passionate about helping small businesses and startups grow online.