Why Your Office Is A Disgrace (And What To Do About It)

Most people don’t think they have time to sort out their office, even if it is a mess. But that is because they don’t stop to think about what that mess is costing them.

A messy office gets in the way of working productively and efficiently and can ultimately set you back. This is especially true if you are one of those work-from-home types and nobody is pressuring you to sort things out.

Most people think that sorting out the office will take days. And as a result, they have no time to do it. But the key to a tidy office isn’t to do one big clear out every year. It’s to keep the office tidy on a rolling basis by doing the little things.

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Filing away your work should be done on a weekly basis. Ideally, you’d choose a set time each week to get it done. The best time is usually early in the morning when you’re feeling motivated.

If you’ve finished a project entirely, collect all the material associated with it and dump it in one folder. Then create an archiving system that enables you to return to any work should you need to in the future.


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Sort Out Your Furniture

After a week of heavy use chairs and desks can end up all over the place. This is particularly the case in companies that do creative things. It creates a cluttered look that makes the space feel chaotic. Straighten everything out and return it to how you would expect it to be found at least once a week.


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Take Advantage Of Storage Boxes

Many offices fill up with files and folders quickly. Soon you need to dedicate your entire back wall to alphabetized folders.

Storage boxes are a great way to minimise the space taken up by rarely used folders.

Plus, storage boxes don’t have to be ugly. There are plenty of beautiful storage solutions that could adorn any office.

Establish Different Zones

City authorities make a big fuss about zoning, and so should you. Having different areas in your office allows you to make the best use of the space.


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Perhaps you could have a collaborative space for colleagues to meet. Here you could install a coffee machine and take advantage of comfy chairs – even sofas.

Then you could partition this area off from a quiet working area. And finally, you could have an archiving area or storage, near to the photocopier and printer.

Zoning lets everybody know what behavior is appropriate for which section of the office. And people will naturally gravitate to different areas for different needs.

Don’t Keep Everything

It’s not a legal requirement to keep every bit of paper that comes into your office or lands in your inbox. But these pieces of paper can quite rapidly build up and overwhelm you.

Be strict about what things in the office you need to keep, and what can quite easily be discarded. Once your office is clutter free, you’ll thank yourself that you did it. And you’ll be more productive to boot.