WordPress coding tips and tricks – part 2

Yea – the last one 30 minutes ago was good too…but I found this too and it has some seriously good nuggets of code:

2. Showing Related Posts Without A Plugin
Tom: We are currently using a plugin to do this on GazetteOnline.  But I always wonder if it would be faster without it?

7. Insert Social Media Icons Without A Plugin
Tom: ShareThis and AddThis are very popular plugins.  But again – these reply on external scripts and load times can get messy if the intertubes get clogged.

8. Add Bread Crumbs to Your WordPress Themes
Tom: I love breadcrumbs – but again, I always wonder if the site would load faster using the code.

9. Displaying Ads in Your RSS Feeds
Tom: I only added this to see if the sales people are reading my blog?  Any guesses if they are or not.  Question – would anyone buy ad space in an RSS feed?  I wonder who are good sales targets for this type of ad? What ads in RSS do you click?

Check them out…there are a total of 12, very cool.