WordPress Jetpack first impressions

I have to say – my first impression’s of WordPress Jetpack are very positive.  If nothing more than to give a very nice update to “WordPress.com Stats” and use of “After the Deadline” it is worth the install.

Here is what the plugin includes:

  • WordPress.com Stats – Simple, concise site stats with no additional load on your server.
    Impressions: This is just way cool.  Nice UI (as always) and super usefull stats for the casual fan.  You can still run Google Analytics – but this gives you the quick run down in a crazy good way.
  • Twitter Widget – Display the latest updates from a Twitter user inside your theme’s widgets.
    Impressions: I’ve used a few Twitter widgets on my blog…they all seem to stink.  You never get tweets – they are very unreliable.  This has been solid so far.
  • Gravatar Hovercards – Show a pop-up business card of your users’ Gravatar profiles in comments.
    Impressions: I put this in the “fit and finish” category.  It just gives a level of awesome to your blog/website.  When people comment, that is good – but when users can hover over and check a commentor out – that is slick.  Awesome plugin.
  • WP.me Shortlinks – Enable WP.me-powered shortlinks for all of your Posts and Pages for easier sharing.
    Impressions: Short links are just plain handy.
  • Sharedaddy – The most super duper sharing tool on the interwebs. Share content with Facebook, Twitter, and many more.
    Impressions: I’ve used add this, share this and even hard coded my own at times.  This is so nice from the backend side.  I would say it is all the features of sharethis – with the simplicity of WordPress baked in.
  • LaTeX – Mark up your posts with the LaTeX markup language, perfect for complex mathematical equations and other über-geekery.
    Impressions: I’m not a math geek…but I can see this being useful for my kids to blog about thier math homework.  Hey – anything to get them blogging is cool with me.
  • After the Deadline – After the Deadline helps you write better by adding spell, style, and grammar checking to WordPress.
    Impressions: After spending time in the media industry – this one is a life savers.  Even the best of the best can make mistakes and this helps to limit those issues.
  • Shortcode Embeds – Easily embed videos and more from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and SlideShare.
    Impressions: Again, has it been done before.  Yes.  But I just always like the simplicity of the WordPress team.  They have also added archives and audio support – plus all the bigs and some other very handy ones…my favorite – Flickr.  (archives, audio, blip.tv, dailymotion, digg, flickr, googlevideo, scribd, slide, slideshare, soundcloud, vimeo, youtube, and polldaddy)

So, overall – after 48-ish hours of use.  I love WordPress Jetpack.  If anyone else has installed it – please let me know what you think too.