WordPress coding tips and tricks

Using WordPress on gazetteonline, we have learned some tips and tricks.  This post from web design ledger shows some more – a couple are trumped by WordPress 2.9, but they are still hot, hot, hot.

  • Customize the Logo of Your WordPress Login Page
    TIP: Great for that custom look to your install.
  • Detecting Mobile Devices Accessing Your Site
    TIP: This is invaluable – no excuses not to have a mobile theme on your site.  (I hope my boss doesn’t read this…I’m sure we don’t have them on all our sites yet!   Shhhhhhhhh.)
  • Allow Only Your IP Address to Access the wp-admin Directory
    TIP: For the those paranoid network types.  (I’m talking to you Tim.)

These are all killer, and there are 10 more.  If you have others, please put them in the comments.

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