The Only Social Media Checklist for B2B Marketers

Social media marketing is a tough game. It seems very simple on the surface, but as one dives into the technical nuances of the practice, it gets harder and harder. Most people do not realize that social media marketing involves a lot of number crunching and technical feasibility analysis for success. The toughness goes up by a major factor in the world of B2B marketing.

Some people think that social media is not the ideal place for marketing in the B2B segment. However, the people who’ve actually tried social media for B2B claim otherwise. 54% of the total B2B marketers claim that they have generated leads from their social media marketing efforts. (Source)

If you too want to start generating leads from your social media marketing efforts, you can follow this B2B Social Media Strategy Tips.

Interact with Your Audience Regularly

The winners on the social media platform know how to interact with other people exceptionally well in the virtual world. They know that the more they interact, the more connections they will make. In fact, the LinkedIn platform, which is considered as one of the best B2B social media platforms, adds new people to your network as connections.

Posting regular content on the platform is not enough. You need to like, share as well as comment on posts by other people to gain popularity on social media.

Post Regularly on Your Profile

The only way you can stay in touch with your audience is by posting regular content on your profile. Original content is truly valued on most social media platforms, especially in the B2B segment. You can create new articles and blog posts and share them actively on all your social media platforms. There are several tools on the internet like Slack that allow you to post on multiple social media profiles with a single click. Use these B2B social media marketing ideas wisely to save time and post regularly.

Collect and Share Content from Various Sites

For new organizations hiring, a new full-time content developer might not be a viable option. In fact, these organizations should rather invest their money in growing the business. To post regular content these organizations can hire a freelance content developer at dirt-cheap prices or share content from other blogs. Just make sure that when you do share content from other blogs, you give them the deserved amount of credit for it.

By sharing collating and sharing content from other bloggers, you can easily build great contacts in the industry. Most people will appreciate you sharing their content, especially if you have developed a good readership on your profile.

Schedule Bulk Content for Regular Posting

Developing a fresh article/blog is time-consuming. Also, getting a professional content writer to do that for you is extremely costly. Instead of this, you can easily generate bulk content from a decent team of content writers on various relevant topics. Now you can use online tools like Jetpack and Schedulio to post the content automatically and regularly. These tools have a simple and intuitive calendar layout that will help you keep a track of these posts.

Keep Tabs on Activities of Competitors

The B2B segment is extremely competitive due to lucrative deal sizes. Most people do not leverage this competition the right way. By keeping tabs on your most successful competitors, you can easily get on the fast track to success. Follow the footsteps of these successful competitors to get an edge on the market space quickly.

You can create blogs/articles for your social media profile along the similar lines and get a number of views. Just make sure that you do not copy the content or it will be flagged by the search engine as plagiarized content.

Keep a Track of Latest Trends and Updates

The best digital marketers do not create a wave in the world of digital marketing. Instead, they know how to ride the high waves created by someone else. They can leverage exciting news/trends in the most effective manner to create customer-friendly content around it.

You can easily keep tabs on the latest trends and updates effectively with your social media profiles. Facebook, LinkedIn as well as Twitter show you the most trending topics in the world in a dedicated section. Leverage this knowledge to create content that will attract more and more prospects to your business.

Have a Regular Conversation with Industry Leaders

The best part about social media platforms like LinkedIn is that you can interact with some of the top minds of the industry for free. You will be surprised by the number of people who would actually want to help you succeed. Some of the best leaders know that the only way to growth is helping others. They would willingly give you their time and knowledge if you approach them correctly.

On a free LinkedIn account, you can send up to 15 inmails every month. Utilize these inmails very carefully and send it to 15 new people every month to grow your network.

Create and Launch Interactive Campaigns

Textual and graphical campaigns are boring. Plain ads do not attract people anymore. You need to think creatively to stay one step ahead of the crowd. With the help of a professional digital marketer, you can create and launch powerful interactive campaigns that people would love to see.

A professional digital marketer will help you leverage the most intriguing features of a social media platform so that you can easily captivate the attention of the top decision-makers in the business.

Remarket/Repost Old Content

You do not realize the power of old content till you repost it. This article on medium shows the power of reposting old content. It shows how an author of a post on Medium got only 400-500 views on the original post. However, the repost of the same article got him over 1200 views. Sometimes, the relevancy of your old content changes with time. You can leverage this change in relevancy and repost the content so that more people read it.

If you are reposting the same content, make sure that you spice it up with some more images, links and statistics. This way, the regular readers of your post will feel that you are truly investing your time in creating fresh posts for them.

Set Micro and Macro Goals Regularly

It is easy for a novice digital marketer to just go with the flow. Both, latching onto a failed strategy and giving up on a good strategy are bad in the B2B segment. To make sure that this does not happen on a regular basis, the professional digital marketers create several micro and macro goals with their campaign. These b2b social media goals help these marketers streamline their overall efforts in a coherent manner and stick to a strict timeline.

Analyse Performance Through Online Tools

Once you have set up your goals, you can analyse the performance of your marketing campaigns with online tools. Tools like Google Analytics can help you track the performance of a social media campaign very effectively. Other tools like Facebook Pixel can help you measure the metrics of a campaign and redefine it in a more comprehensible manner.
Regular evaluation of your campaigns along with the best optimization practices will help you make the best use of the limited online resources.

Diversify Your Marketing Attempts

It is important that you do not lay an exclusive focus on a singular marketing campaign. In fact, you must diversify your attempts to include posting on multiple social media platforms. This is the fastest manner to grow your reach in the realm of social media marketing. With such posting queues, you can easily make sure that your content reaches a good amount of audience in the stipulated amount of time.

Balance Between Informational and Promotional Content

You need to balance the informational and promotional aspects of the content very neatly to generate a good amount of interest and profit out of the venture. An exclusive focus on the informational content will not bring true value to your business. Similarly, an exclusive focus on the promotional content will render the overall post useless for a majority of the audience.

Follow the best social media post writing practices to ensure that your content stays relevant to the audience’s needs while still focusing on your business.

Keep a Specific Budget for Social Media Aside Every Quarter

Most organizations do not generate the right amount of results out of their B2B social media marketing best practice efforts because they either over-invest or under-invest in their ventures. You need to set a specific budget aside for social media marketing at the beginning of every quarter. When you do this, you will easily derive the necessary amount of value in a short period.

Follow this checklist diligently to make sure that your B2B social media marketing strategy reap the necessary results. Understand that social media marketing is a game for the long run. You cannot expect to see results within a single day. In fact, sometimes you have to wait several weeks/months for it to reap results.

Review of James Schramko’s “How to destroy your website for $5”

English: In Car Footage from a Van Diemen RF01...

English: In Car Footage from a Van Diemen RF01 driven by Micheal Fitzgerald Cork Racing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My first take on James’s article was frustration…I mis-guessed his intention – I thought he was referring to fiverr.  Was I wrong.

“So I’ve seen an alarming trend when we get to do website reviews. Sometimes, we see figures that just don’t add up. Now, if our team of Research and Development officers can detect that a website has got unnatural trends then I’m sure that Google can too. So what am I talking about here?

What can you get for $5?

If you go along to some of the very popular sites where you can buy services from around, let’s say $5, you’ll see that you can now order 70,000 YouTube views for just $5. You can get 20,000 backlinks for just $5. You can get in front of 151,000 Twitter users for just $5. You can get 10 EDU backlinks, full follow, for just $5.”

James couldn’t be more right on this one…there is no excuse for leveraging cheap labor and cheap sites to get “ahead”.  I have been in organizations where they tried to use tricks and gimmicks to get rankings, and it worked for a little while.  Then – it crashed.  hard.

So listen to James:  “we do is everything by hand. We hand research. We hand create the content. We hand place it on carefully curated and looked-after sites, not spammy junky sites. So that’s what we do that’s different and I’m assuring you that there’s a big difference between cheap and good.”

If you argree – check out his blag at

Do old domains have any advantage from newer sites?

1959 Microwave

1959 Microwave (Photo credit: SportSuburban)

People often times talk about new domains – and how soon will Google index the site…but what about the old websites and its pages and previous rankings, how does that apply to what Google is doing?  What are the algorithm updates doing to those older domains?

If you have not updated your website since before Y2K – you probably have some updates to do to your website.

Matt Cutts talks about Old Domains

The fact is – most older sites tend to put the page creation process on “cruise control” at times.  The same vigor that got you to the top of the rankings in “the old days” with your seasoned, older domain – has much of the same value today…sometimes even more.

“The advice that I can gives you as the owner of the site that has been around for 14 years is to take a fresh look at your site. A lot of time if you land on your site and you land on a random website from the search results, even if they have been in business for 14-15 years, sometime the haven’t updated their template or their page layout or anything in years, and it looks like, frankly, a stale older site, and that sort of thing where users might not be as happy about that.”
Matt Cutts – Google

So basically – fight to stay number one or in the top ten.  Be hungry like these new site people are being.  You have to continue to push out new content, look at social sharing, new ways to do things – essentially you need to have your old domain stay current.  Old domain doesn’t mean you have to do “old” things with it.

If the site you are running is a WordPress site – there are tons of new, fresh themes out there to give you old site a new look.  If you’re not WordPress – many of the other platforms are doing the same.

Are links from article directories with relevant content OK?

Not that long ago – the main way to get more traffic to your website was using links…they were (and still are) the commodity of the web.  Now there are questions if you can still get/use without penalty links from relevant content in article directories and if that is seen as good or bad in Google’s eyes.

Matt Cutts talking about links from article directories:

Matt basically says the quality of the link directories has been on the decline.  I think Google’s ability to detect has just gotten better – many of these have been garbage for a long time.

“An article directory is basically where you write several hundred words of content and then you include a little bio or some information about you at bottom of the article, and you might have, say, three links with keyword rich anchor text at the bottom of that article. Then, you submit that to a bunch of what is know as ‘Article Directories’ which then anybody can download or pay to download them and they use them on their own website.”
Matt Cutts

These were a precursor to guest blogging, and people would search for keyworded content and if they found it – many use it or link to it on their site.  With all good things – it started out with good intentions and was essentially spammed away.

Google's Server Error page

Google’s Server Error page (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most of the time – article directories are just poor man’s PR tools – where same amounts of copy and content are spread wildly over the internet.  Sometimes this was multiplied by auto-posting-bots which could literally post the article to thousands of blogs all over the world.

It appears Google has become wise to the auto-posters and it will be almost impossible to get SEO traction with ideas like these.  So – in conclusion, from a white hat perspective…probably a bad idea.


The Evolution Of SEO

Evolution: The Origin of Species

Evolution: The Origin of Species (Photo credit: MeoplesMagazine)

SEO: Search Engine Optimization – The art (or magic) of getting ones site listed in the search engines atop the organic search.  I sit back and reflect when there were many search engines to optimize for.  Alta Vista, InfoSeek (which became Go), AOL, MSN, Excite, HotBot, Ask Jeeves, Lycos, All the Web, WebCrawler, Dogpile, Mamma and Yahoo, I think I got them all. Those were the good ol days.

Then it started the wicked web of who was feeding who, which engine merged with who.  Which engine folded, which engine was bought out.  Back then SEO was fun in the sense you had so many choices to optimize for.  If something did not work for one engine it might have worked for another.

Submitting to the search engines had to be done manually.  Meta KeyWords actually mattered.  Keyword stuffing was OK.  There was no Florida Update, Panda Or Penguin.  The life of an SEO was pretty easy and simple.  Create sites but in some keywords and see what happens.  If that did not work tweak and see what happens then.  It was fast and dirty.

Social media did not matter.  No one cared if you were an “authority” site.  Then it happened, a multi-colored sensation – Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green Red – GOOGLE.  It became a household name.  Like Xerox, and Band-Aid, you now are going to Google something which now mean do a search.   People would watch this engine grow and grow.

Google would make us watch it dance and update from Florida to Penguin to Panda.  The face of SEO would change and change in a big way.  Slowly the engines would disappear fading into the sunset.  Many of us wish there was more players in the game, one has emerged and sort of making little wave called Duck-Duck-Go.  Maybe this is the start of more engines to come.

SEO has changed in many ways now it is all about the user experience.  Well written content, link diversity, high quality content and to be an authority on your topic. It is all about the end user.  No more Google bombing, no more keyword stuffing, no more meta keywords, no more doorway pages you actually have to make a webpage that makes sense.  Many people have written articles about SEO being dead.  SEO is far from dead it is just evolving and SEO practitioners have to evolve with it.

SEO has changed from the old days but many new factors are still included, social media, content writing, link building authorship and many other factors to make SEO more “real”.

We all sit back and what for the next big thing but until that comes we have to wait for the next big update.  What will it be called, Polar Bear, Seagull or maybe they should go to wrestlers, The Hulk Hogan Update would be awesome.

SEO went from many engines to optimize for to optimizing for two Google and Bing.  Let’s see what the future brings.  My fingers are crossed

+ Stu Lieberman has been doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for over 15 years and has optimized sites from the top debt consolidation companies to large ecommerce sites.   Stu takes pride in his SEO work and is always atop the latest trends in the SEO and internet marketing world.

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