What is Google Octane?

How can Google Octane help you find the right Laptop? Chromebook and ultraportable computers are becoming more reliable and more versatile than ever before. The sleek and stylish exteriors are nearly the standard these days, but it can sometimes be deceiving. Even after reviewing a computer’s specifications, the speed of actual web browsing can be … Read more

Best Chromebooks of 2016 – Top 8 Picks Reviewed

Chromebooks offer an exciting new choice in laptop technology. They boot in 10 seconds and most run for 10+ hours on a single charge. They run on ChromeOS and update automatically so security is never an issue. Best of all, most Chromebook models only cost between $149 and $249. Best Chromebooks for 2016 – Top … Read more

ASUS C201 Chromebook Review

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 ASUS C201 Chromebook

  • Rockchip Processor
  • 4 GB DDR3
  • 16 GB SSD
  • 2 Pounds
  • 13-hour battery life

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The ASUS C201, also called the ASUS C201 PA-DS01, is a value priced Chromebook that features the largest touchpad available on any Chromebook.  It also has an amazing 13 hour battery life.

The quadcore 1.8GHz Rockchip processor provides more than enough power to play online until the cows come home. The compact design makes it easy to take this ASUS Chromebook with you anywhere you go.

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HP Chromebook 14

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You could easily call the HP Chromebook 14 a Macbook Air clone. The style of these two devices is very similar. The keyboards and trackpads are almost identical. The size and weight are very similar, although the HP has a slightly larger screen.

The biggest difference is that you can get the HP at a fraction of the price. That’s what makes this stylish little Chromebook so appealing to us.

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Google Chromebook Pixel Review

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  • 12.85” high res display (2560×1700)
  • Multi-touch glass screen
  • 0.6” thin and 3.3 lbs
  • Machined, full metal enclosure
  • 2 USC Type-C, 2 USB 3, SD Card Reader

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The Chromebook Pixel has been update for 2015, and wow did they hook up up with the most powerful chromebook ever.  All the awesome the old chromebook had – and one of the models is LESS MONEY.  You can pick up a Intel i5 with 32 Gig of drive space for $999, with the i7 and 64 Gig drive – it goes up to $1299.  Same awesome screen, which is 2560×1700 at a brilliant 239 PPI.  That is serious.  Are you into HD video and a killer TV?  The chromebook pixel 2015 will pump out 4K via the HDMI cable – pretty cool.


Price: $999 (Check Current Price)

Google Octane Benchmark: 28,731

The Google Chromebook Pixel is the ONLY Chromebook manufactured and sold by Google directly. Every other Chromebook on the market is made by a third party. The Chromebook Pixel is somewhat of a showpiece that was created to showcase Google’s ChromeOS. It features high-end hardware with a more than modest price tag to match. It truly is the finest Chromebook ever created and the 2015 edition is even better than the original.

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