Technologies of augmented reality in business

Augmented Reality technology captures imagination. But we perceive AR, rather, as an entertaining component of life.

Gaming applications, of course, are the biggest and most interested directions for investments. But tech giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook see the opportunities in augmented and virtual reality technologies providing resources for improvement of AR/VR engines and development tools to help other industries integrate AR and VR into their solutions.

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To start working with AR technology in any industry, businesses need three mandatory components:

  • mobile device (smartphone, tablet) with built-in video camera;
  • specially developed application containing virtual information;
  • mark, GPS coordinates, or marker (a real object, its part or a printed image), which activates a 3D model, a video or sounds on smartphone display or in special glasses.

Augmented reality for business:

Object Display

To see an AR object, you need to point the camera at the marker, and the image will appear on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Augmented reality can be formed not only on the basis of the image, but also include, for example, the compass, gyro, 3D-models – without this it is impossible to create a three-dimensional object visible from different angles.


Augmented Reality allows to immerse presentations anywhere, show how the object will look from all sides and even make the perception of the object interactive. You only need a program (application), a display with a camera and a marker printed on a sheet. When you point the camera at the printout, an object appears on the screen. However, for the full effect of the presence of viewers will need special glasses or a helmet.


Medical diagnosis is more comprehensible with the increased level of visualization. In this case, the AR-technology uses the data of high-precision diagnostic devices, such as MRI, computed tomography, ultrasound diagnostics, X-ray, etc. They are the basis for Augmented Reality models, and markers are certain organs or points. An image of the patient’s internal organs appears on the doctor’s monitor.


For this area, AR technology is a universal tool. There are certain practices of classes in a virtual laboratory as well as applications that create the effect of being present on a real operation in a remote operating theater or on the battlefield in the distant past. Japanese publishing house Tokyo Shoseki prepared a special AR-textbook of English. It has built-in cameras that project animated characters onto pages.

Architectural visualization

A demonstration of a constructed object from any viewpoint and from within. To do this, you need special markers in the building. Pointing with a smartphone camera, you can get a variety of images, and with the help of simple manipulations on the display you can expand the object at any angle, see the internal device or disassemble the building floor-by-floor.

If you already have an idea how you can grow your business with Augmented Reality, Invisible Toys team is ready to estimate your project and offer your services to develop an AR app based on your vision.