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Are Drones A Viable Delivery Method?

I am all for technological advancement and making life more efficient but there are some things about which I am deeply sceptical and one of them is delivery by drone. Amazon have announced their intension to deliver goods by drone in the near future and claim that they will be ready to go as soon […]

Panda, Penguin, Now Zebra? Here’s What You Need To Know…

It is no secret that Google is releasing updates that are designed to return their search engine results to relevance. While many people in the SEO industry believe this is a plan by Google to completely thwart SEO as a marketing tool, this is not actually the truth. While SEO has definitely been impacted by […]

SEO Test: Amazon is testing a new design – Usability or SEO?

UPDATE: Here is an article from the Sept. 5th LA Times,  looks like they have been working on it for a while.  This is the first time I’ve seen the new look.  Maybe they are officially rolling it out now? More updates from last fall:  Amazon forums, NextWeb, Gerasini’s Posterous is seeing it Is anyone else seeing […]

A Message (and lesson) to Old Media

For a while now I have been ranting within the company I work for that we throw away too much data – with particular emphasis on throwing away the data we have about our customers. As I listened to the TWIST #38 (This Week In Start Ups with Jason Calacanis) Jason absolutely nailed this point to the wall.  He […]

Amazon CDN Grows Up, Adds Flash Streaming

We’ve been looking at CDN’s, there are lot of good choices.  But it is hard to bet against Amazon. When Amazon introduced its CloudFront CDN last year, one of the biggest knocks against the service was that it wasn’t primed for the delivery of video. That changed today, with the addition of video streaming capabilities […]

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