How Will We Communicate In The Future?

“Today Is The Tomorrow You Worried About Yesterday”- Dale Carnegie Updated: November 2020 Future is often deemed uncertain, however deep learning and big data has allowed us to provide predictive intelligence using historical data samples. Thus saying the past can predict the future. To understand what communication will look like in the future we must … Read more

Improve Your Business Logistics, Step By Step

In business, it’s exceedingly important to ensure your processes are reliable, effective, and open to optimization. There’s perhaps nothing that can be defined in this manner as strongly as your logistical setup. For that reason, understanding how to accept supplies, integrate them into your productivity cycle, and do so in the most effective manner possible … Read more

How Do You Respond To Negative Reviews? Positive Reviews Can Help

Online customer reviews can have a big impact on your general reputation. While positive reviews can help you to gain the trust of customers, negative reviews could harm your ability to attract business. The likes of Google, Trip Advisor and Yelp all allow businesses to respond to reviews. This can allow you to thank those … Read more

What is Blockchain Mining?

Ever since the dawn of man, businesses and transactions have been in existence. This means exchanging goods for goods or other services. As time progressed, people created a form of currency. This was mostly to create a standard means of exchange for all. These currencies have been in terms of silver coins, gold coins, and … Read more