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eCommerce Suppliers are the key in an online business

So – I’ve been blogging for the past couple months about my motorcycle fairing project.  We have seen a few orders so far…the first one has been a disaster and are working on the next 2. eCommerce Suppliers are key The problem with the first order has been (I wish I could say was – but, […]

The How To Guide to WordPress with WooCommerce

Well, maybe this should read…how I did it, or better yet – how I plan to. Firstly, besides by family – I love the web, shopping on the web, wordpress, motorcycles and volkswagens…not necessarily in that order.  I work at a great company called Clickstop (who is a retailer of many goods online – check […]

The Retailer’s Guide To ECommerce Success

Competition is fierce in the retail industry. With multi channel retail, the rise of online shopping and the world economies taking a hit, you need that X factor to really stand out to your customers. Right now eCommerce is huge, and it looks set to continue to grow. There is no easier way to open […]

Marketing and Selling Products- The Keys To Your On-Line Business

Marketing and Selling Products On-Line …What Do They Have To Do With Your Business? We’ve all heard it before, “I’m going to start a business and market it on-line”  Ok, that’s a great idea but what do you know about doing business on-line?  What do you know about marketing? What will you be selling on-line? […]

Use Google Analytics in NetSuite for product tracking

A new article exists for Netsuite Google Analytics which is news than this article. Getting Google Analytics to work with NetSuite reminds me of getting a river to flow uphill.  Is it not easy, at first seems impossible, but with a big enough sump-pump…it will work. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to get Google Analytics (working in asynchronous mode) working […]

3 Simple Ways To Sell More Products and Increase Sales

How Do You Sell More Products and Increase Sales? Want to bring success to your business?  This article introduces you to 3 simple ways to sell your product and increase sales in your business. Whether you’ve got 3 years or 30 years of experience in business, everyone looks for new ways to sell their products […]

I Eliminated the Free Plan from my Web App for a Month

As I have re-learned more and more about ecommerce at my job (Clickstop) – it has been interesting to read and lean more about the different things people do to try and gain, maintain, encourage new people to purchase their goods.  Here is a great example which was shared by Fred Wilson this morning on […]

New job is great – but the ying to the media companies yang

Its kind of funny – I worked at the Gazette for 7 of the last 11 years.  All I did was complain how slow things moved.  I was like – “Hey, lets launch the newspaper site today” taunting them to say yes, but knowing they never would. Fast-forward to now, I received an email today that said […]

Moving on…

Its kind of fun and kind of scary when you start down a new path in life.  This branch takes me out of the media world (Gazette Communications – soon to be or maybe now called SourceMedia Group) and into the world of ecommerce. Old Job: Media I’ve been working for Gazette for almost 7 […]

5 tips for better craigslist response

My dad passed away about a year ago and he was a collector.  You’ve seem the show “Pickers”?  How about “Hoarders”?  We’re somewhere in between – unfortunately, closer to the latter.  Though this process I’ve started to become really familiar with craigslist and seen things I’ve done work and not work and thought I would […]

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