7 Reasons You Should Design Your Website In WordPress

WordPress has quickly become a world-renowned name for those that are looking to make an affordable and dynamic website, but many are still intimidated by creating their own site. It often seems easier to simply go with the first web designer that one finds, but WordPress offers a number of features that allow anyone to … Read more

Google Analytics To Know Where Your Visitors Come From

Any website online should consider its audience over time, not just your initial target of who you want to visit your website or online business, but see which demographics your website is reaching so that you can better adjust your website to appeal to different user demographics or continue enhancing the content and appearance for … Read more

3 Social Media Metrics Your Business Should Track

The bone of contention for most marketers is knowing what to measure in the various social media platforms. This will enable the ability to get the most out of the social media. The following are social media metrics that should be tracked: Conversion RateThis is the most important social media metric that should not be … Read more

Running an SEO Test: things you should know

Many business owners in any sizes find that using SEO techniques in an online campaign is extremely important, so running SEO tests for their strategies would be a necessity. Testing your SEO techniques and strategies are your priorities to find out what works and does not. Simply, this testing can take a considerable deal of … Read more

Netsuite Google Analytics – Install Update

It’s been almost a month since we’ve completed the upgrade to the new Netsuite Google Analytics installation update and I have to say – it works very good.  The old code (which was a improvement from a deviation of  the code outdated Citrcle code for Netsuite developed in 2009, which we had installed).  We used to … Read more