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To many articles out there assume that the reader is well versed in SEO. However, did you know according to the PEW research & Static Brain, that over 60% of small businesses do not have a website? Staggering. So with that said, lets look at some of the fundamentals in small business SEO and how to project manage them.

If you have researched terms such as ‘SEO’ and ‘keyword implementation’. However, SEO project management techniques are essential if you plan on using these tools to their full potential. Just as a car has all the proper tools to go from point A to point B, small business SEO techniques can get you to where you want to go, but you need guidance. With some of these management techniques you can use every marketing tool in the way that it was intended.

Have Purpose with Small Business SEO

This is the most essential tool in your arsenal; be focused. Sure, you may know what key word implementation means, you may know the power of social media, you may even understand back links, but are you using them correctly? Every thing you do for your website, or business, needs to have a purpose.

  • Generate possible increases in traffic. I.E. “What is a realistic amount of traffic this website can generate?”
  • Use social media to your advantage. Create a Twitter account that is associated with your business. Also, make sure that when you use these media outlets, you have a reason. If you Tweet, make the Tweet attractive to increase traffic to your website.
  • Develop strategies in order to increase sales. Don’t just say you’re going to get more clients, create an outlet to do so. If you’re selling a product from your website, offer money back guarantees, coupons to save money, free shipping. Create scenarios in which you can attract people to buy something.

Time and People Management

This is essential, regardless if you’re working alone or you have a staff. Plan out goals! Make deadlines for said goals and make sure that you stick to them with little, or no, leeway.

  • Create goals such as generating 50 backlinks per day. Make your staff get your URL out onto as many pages on the web as possible.
  • Provide a creative, and hard working, small business SEO based environment. Make sure that everything you do for the business creates a link back to your website, pertains to something you sell, or gives a reason to do business with you.


One of the best ways to get involved is by becoming a freelance small business SEO project management official. Become the person that large businesses seek out in order to boost traffic, and sales, on their website.

  • Most large businesses have SEO teams already, but do they have guidance? Having an SEO team is like having a boat with no paddles. Become the person that excels the company to a level they didn’t expect.
  • Get your name out there as much as possible. Don’t spam your SEO project management ideas, show them! Give examples of where you’ve took companies in the past to new heights. If you’re a new freelancer, read every resource to become great. small business SEO tools can make a website go from average to amazing.

Trade Tricks That Will Benefit Your Small Business SEO For The Long Term

Over recent months, the changes that have been rolled out across most of the world’s biggest search engines have been huge – Google of course leading the pack with Hummingbird. Each of the changes implemented has of course taken its toll on some sites and businesses while others will have barely noticed any difference at all. As far as SEO professionals are concerned though, we’re only just seeing the very tip of the iceberg and the changes still to come will completely overshadow those that have taken place in terms of abundance and significance.

This inherently leads to the question of what exactly you can do right now to protect your small business SEO interests long-term – if anything at all. Well, you can certainly tip the balance a little more in your favor, despite not being able to see what’s around the corner with any real certainty.

What follows is a brief look at five tricks of the trade that could, if implemented correctly, assist your long-term SEO as of right now:

1 – A Full Website Spring Clean

When a website functions effortlessly with speed, efficiency and smoothness, any search engine of importance will see it as a site that matters. Well, at least one that matters more than another site that’s pretty much falling to pieces or going to seed. Google likes to point to sites that give the user the best possible experience, so if this isn’t a description than befits your site, it’s a good place to start

Over time, it’s inevitable that your website will get a little untidy and cluttered, so it’s important that you do a decent spring clean/audit to see what’s what. From getting rid of broken links to removing defunct content and so on, make sure that your site serves its purpose as well as it can and you’ll be rewarded for it.

2 – Go the Extra Mile

Once you’ve addressed the above, think about going one or two steps further by making the user-experience even better than it already is. This isn’t just important for the sake of Google, but will also ensure that when a reader finds his or her way to your site in the first place, they’re more likely to stay there and hear what you have to say.

Take into account the speed of your site, the quality of the navigation system, the caliber of the content on EVERY single page and all of the other sites you offer links to/recommend.

3 – Get Involved with Google Authorship

Right now, Google Authorship doesn’t have much an impact on the way your site ranks or your SEO campaign as a whole – this is expected to change in the future, big time. Some of the very best tips of all for making Google Authorship work in your favor include finding guest writers of authority to contribute to your site, getting all writers you employ to work on your site to activate authorship and, most importantly of all, making sure the content and copy you come up with for any page, site, blog or forum anywhere is as flawless as it is compelling and unique.

4 – Promote Your Winning Content

Don’t just sit by and let your incredible content gather dust – get out there and promote it! Get your name, your brand and you message out in the wild by any means necessary – Facebook, Twitter, forums, blogs and news sites being prime example of where to start. And of course, this means coming up with sharable content in the first place.

5 – Embrace the Community

And finally, it’s not in your best interest to sit idly by and hope the masses will flock your way unless you yourself are willing to reach out to them in a similar manner. Regardless of your industry, niche or profession, there’s a gigantic community out there just waiting for your input and your involvement, so make now the time that you break free of your confines and start building connections with your peers, rival, clients – pretty much anyone of interest to you.

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Rocky John Tayaban is an internet marketer for more than 8 years now. Among his expertise are search engine marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, online reputation management and web development. Rocky is currently the managing director of iSolutions Media, a company that helps businesses with their online marketing needs. Follow him on Twitter: @SmartOnlinePros to stay updated on all the latest in internet marketing.

3 Things Your Website Needs To Increase Domain Valuation

Thanks largely to the popularity of social media websites, unfinished or parked websites are seeing sharp declines in website visitorship.  Also contributing to this cool off in website traffic is the inability to effectively leverage mobile optimization into websites development, still young to many businessmen.  To reconnect with potential investors, websites must have be engaging by delivering not only great end-user results, but containing easy to understand content that motivates and inspires.

How do I Increase Domain Valuation

The three major components of full website delivery should always have first consideration before your marketing campaigns are launched.   Following these suggestions will, inevitably, increase domain valuation to potential investors that could purchase either your domain, or the entire website.

Clear Messaging

Avoiding verbosity, or inconclusive word choices, helps the layman understand your message much easier.  Arrive at your point sooner than later, keep word counts respectable of your visitor’s time, and always consider which words you’re using throughout.  In fact, according to a National Center for Biotechnology Information readability assessment, content that exceeds the 7th grade in reading level may jeopardize consumer interaction with businesses, and may turn off potential long-term traffic.

Keep your word choices simple, make your association’s identity clearly known from the onset, and continually strive to create content that isn’t old news.  Readers are addicted to ‘new’, and ‘quirky’, types of content that tell stories yet go far enough off the beaten path to keep them on their toes.

Easy Navigation

Remember, investors visiting for the first time shouldn’t spend too much time searching for obvious links or content.  To test this theory, imagine how investors with 30 minutes of lunchtime would engage with your website; given the fact 15 minutes will be spent eating and 10 minutes could be spent in transit, this leaves 5 minutes for you to capture the visitor, secure a donation, and perhaps 1 minute to engage the new donor with congratulatory phrases or welcome messages.

Don’t bombard your landing page with popups that’ll get blocked by most browsers anyway; at the same time, make sure navigation menus clearly show what’s on your menu of services.  Any email newsletter captures should be obtrusive yet not to the point of annoying the visitor.

Great Content

Content should always tell stories, cite facts and never deviate from your niche.  If people have discovered one day how to leverage social media, why not take that one step further the next day in your content writing? If you’re short on time and have your computer camera handy, consider making video content.  According to online marketing software producer Vocus, a simple 1 minute video is worth approximately 1.8 million words on paper.

Overall, these 3 areas of website delivery will clearly assist in defining your domain valuation goals with clarity, while telling new investors about who you are and the value you provide current visitors.  Provided fully developed websites have an easily readable format with easy to locate menus and wonderful content, pulling new investors into your world shouldn’t prove as difficult as it was before.

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Roger Klawinski is a freelance writer and experienced domainer from Indiana. You can follow him on Google+.

Automated Blog Commenting – Stop it, Stop it Now

Are you a blog owner? Do you comment on blogs of people belonging to your niche? Do you understand the importance of meaningful comments? Do you require backlinks to your blog or website? Do you use automated programs for blog commenting in order to get backlinks?  Shame on you! If yes, then read this article further. This article will enlighten you on the other aspect of automated programs for blog commenting. Read on to find out why one should not use automated programs for blog commenting.

Go Relevant

Leaving meaningful and relevant comments on a blog is indeed one of the easiest methods for increasing the targeted web traffic on your blog or website as well as in increasing its popularity. Effective search engine optimization is perhaps one the most beneficial aspect of blog commenting. The SEO benefits are for both the commenter as well as the blog owner. When people frequently leave comments on your blog, for you, the blog owner, it builds fresh content for other people visiting our blog. It is this fresh content that tends to grab the attention of the search engines and make them visit you over and over again.

It’s About Quality Not Quantity

Whereas, if you are a blog commenter leaving intelligent and meaningful comments on a blog or website, people visiting that particular blog or website will notice you. If your comments are relevant, they may perceive you as an authority of your forte. Your target audience or people of the same forte will then follow you to your blog or website as well. This will boost the visibility and exposure of your blog/website. It will also offer you the benefit of some relevant back-links.

Some people tend to use automated programs for blog commenting. Automated Programs for blog commenting find out blogs that are relevant to your forte and also submit back-links on its own. As a blog owner, you need to keep an eye out for such comments on your blog or website. People use these programs to leave trash comments, such as “Good Work, friend”, etc. solely for the purpose of getting a backlink. By making such hundreds of backlinks, they aim to enjoy better search engine optimization and gain higher search engine ranks. However, these comments do not add anything valuable, informative or meaningful to the conversation. They are totally worthless. In fact, such repetitive and recycled comments mat get your blog or website punished for duplicate content. Hence, it is widely advised not to use automated programs for blog commenting. Make sure that you delete such comments.

Most of the spam is indeed generated by these automated programs for blog commenting. Both blog owners and blog commenter should understand that they should maintain a win-win situation for each other, if they wish to ensure quality content for people surfing internet for information. Following good ethics will ensure that even you never lose anything. Make sure that you only leave comments that are meaningful and informative. Only then they will be useful.

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This article was written by Garen Arnold who runs Blog Setup Guide, a website that is geared towards showing people how to start a blog from scratch.

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Best Place To Make A Free Website

Given the number of do-it-yourself web design tools there’s no need to be a computer guru to be able to create a website from scratch. All you need is the Internet connection, a bit of inspiration, creativity, and what’s more important – a well-thought-out idea or a business plan, while the technology aspect you can leave to the professionals, namely free online website builders. Below I have made up a list of the most convenient and powerful platforms allowing you to build professional looking websites for free.

Google Sites

Google Sites is one of the safest and easiest ways to create a website at no cost. It allows you to collect, edit and organize your content quickly and effectively. It is compatible with other Google resources, such as Google Documents, Google Calendar, Picasa, and Youtube to name a few. Creating a website on Google Sites can be compared to creating and editing a document. What’s more, with GS you can adjust the privacy settings of your site, similarly to the Google Docs privacy setup.

However, there are some drawbacks of using Google Sites. These include lack of customization, limited functionality and inability to change your domain name (with GS you get a subdomain that makes your website look less professional). What’s more, with GS you can use Google Apps only – external apps are inapplicable. Thus, if these inconveniences bother you, you’d better opt for another website builder.


With this powerful sitebuilding platform you can confidently claim your rightful place on the Internet, since uCoz-powered websites have a stunning, professional look and excellent functionality. This sitebuilder has been serving millions of users from all over the globe for seven years. Although it is primarily targeted on those who have no professional experience in sitebuilding, many skilled webmasters also opt for website builder uCoz as a fast and effective alternative to the traditional time-consuming ways of sitebuilding.

It is a perfect place to create a dynamic, noticeable web presence, as it offers the most advanced web design tools, thousands of widgets and gadgets, as well as hundreds of exquisite templates. uCoz offers both free and paid packages. It’s important to mention that it is possible to create a full-fledged website on this platform even when using their free plan.


Wix sitebuilder is a paradise for those who’re looking for the eye-catching designs, and are mostly concerned about the visual aspect of their websites. In fact, this platform works the best for musical bands, photographers, designers, and other artists. It allows them to make an unforgettable visual impression on their visitors. However, its inner functionality is somewhat limited, and thus it is not recommended for online entrepreneurs who plan to conduct complex operations online.


Surely, all these Do-It-Yourself sitebuilders are a great alternative to hiring programmers, designers, and other specialists. However, you should remember that these platforms are helpful only when you have a great business concept, unique content, and fresh approach. Your website shouldn’t be just descriptive, it should motivate your visitors become your customers!

Victor Moore is a skilled webmaster, the founder and the editor-in-chief of Easy Steps to Create a Website. He enjoys discovering and sharing new approaches to sitebuilding. With his blog he covers the most actual topics on creating, maintaining, and improving websites. Don’t hesitate to contact him via Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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