Panda, Penguin, Now Zebra? Here’s What You Need To Know…

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It is no secret that Google is releasing updates that are designed to return their search engine results to relevance. While many people in the SEO industry believe this is a plan by Google to completely thwart SEO as a marketing tool, this is not actually the truth. While SEO has definitely been impacted by Panda and the other updates, … Read More

tomPanda, Penguin, Now Zebra? Here’s What You Need To Know…

Optimizing your Pinterest Page – Explained

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Pinterest, one of the fastest emerging social networking sites, is a great place to promote your brands and services. Did you know that the traffic you drive on this amazing social platform could be more credible than Yahoo or Bing? Yes, verified URLs from Pinterest can help explode your website traffic much faster than you could think of. If you want to tap … Read More

tomOptimizing your Pinterest Page – Explained

Yahoo and Web 3.0

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I recieved a shared reader item yesterday from a guy I know in Chicago, Noel – it was called “The Future of Web 3.0 According to Yahoo!”  I’m not sure what it is about Yahoo, but it seems like I’ll never not like them.  I think it has to do with them being to big daddy when I first got … Read More

tomYahoo and Web 3.0

Micro-hoo – It's Yahoo, hot-hot-hot – BrowserPlus

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Image via Wikipedia I’ve been following the whole Microsoft/Yahoo thing along with everyone and have really kept my opinions to myself – but when I saw this post over at Ajaxia – “Yahoo! BrowserPlus: The rumour is true” Awhile back I heard a rumour that Yahoo! had a “Gears-like” project that was cancelled. I thought this was a shame, as … Read More

tomMicro-hoo – It's Yahoo, hot-hot-hot – BrowserPlus