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Options for Using AR Applications in Business

What is an AR app? Just remember these thousands of photos with dog ears and noses in social networks. This effect is AR technology. AR applications provide digital objects which are reflected on smartphone screens or on screens of wearable devices, complementing the real world with new information. And this information can be as various […]

Technologies of augmented reality in business

Augmented Reality technology captures imagination. But we perceive AR, rather, as an entertaining component of life. Gaming applications, of course, are the biggest and most interested directions for investments. But tech giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook see the opportunities in augmented and virtual reality technologies providing resources for improvement of AR/VR engines and […]

10 Tips for Accurate Website Load Testing

If traffic to your website suddenly explodes, what happens to the user experience? You can’t know until you perform load testing. As defined by Wikipedia, load testing involves deliberately demanding more of your website to “determine [the] system’s behavior under both normal and anticipated peak load conditions.” Accuracy is essential when figuring out how many […]