#iahsfb, tweets and the “news”

My previous job to Clickstop was in “the media”.  At Source Media group in the web department team – to be exact.  Back in those days I used to have what may be referred to as “spirited discussions” with colleagues about social media and twitter and the like. Its funny how some people still have … Read more

People say Facebook is dumb, but social media is a tool

Its funny how strong of an opinion people have before they even try anything…like my 10 year old.  He makes up his mind about a food before he has even tried it.  Now, I understand how people are nervous about the unknown – but seriously…at least give it a shot before you dismiss it all … Read more

How did you get the caucus results?

More than likely, from “old media” like TV or newspaper.  But there was a surprising number of “new media” ways to get some of that information. Mediashift posted a great article yesterday about this called “Iowa Caucuses Blanketed by Twitter, Blogs, Video” That’s the hard lesson learned by veteran GOP political strategist Ed Rollins, who … Read more