JW Player doesn’t play youtube video – fix for Error #2036

I have a love/hate relationship with JW Player.  When its working, it is great. But its those nagging issues which drive me completly nuts. We were trying to get a single youtube video to show on one of our moving strap pages.  The xml playlist section was working fine, but were having trouble getting a … Read more

JW Player is not working or slow loading

We’ve been moving from externally hosting videos with YouTube to self-hosting them with the killer little video player called “jw player“.  I just could figure it out, JW player was not working, it appeared to be slow loading. I was converting one of our landing pages (see it here – it is for our tow straps … Read more

Internet TV: 2007 Year in Review

ReadWriteWeb has a great post about internet video in 2007: From YouTube’s continued dominance, the television networks’ newfound willingness to experiment online, the rise of the desktop Internet TV application, and a number of new PC-to-TV devices and set-top boxes — it’s been a big year for Internet TV in all shapes and forms. In … Read more

So – can we do this on KCRG too?

So You Tube released over video ads this week. So when we will these hit the small screen? I figured it out last night while watching “Last Comic Standing” – when I witnessed no less than 249 ads for the new “Bionic Woman”. Seriously, do you think we could be looking at these ‘over’ ads … Read more