Netsuite Web Development 101 – Introduction

I have been working at a company called clickstop since September of 2010.  We are an ecommerce company which makes most of our revenue from a cargo control company, US Cargo Control – we sell anything you can think of to tie down a load.  On a truck, Semi or Lifting and Rigging equipment.  We leverage an ERP system called Netsuite, it is an all-in-one software package that handles everything from printing our checks to inventory to shipping to serving up our web pages.

That will be the focus of a small web series I intend to write.  I want to break down some of the mystery of how it does what it does.  I will discuss my frustrations and some of the things it does well.

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Cloud Computing  (Wikipedia)

If you have questions – please feel free to use the contact form, and I will try to integrate them into the posts.

Netsuite is an interesting beast – it is super nice because it is an all in one solution.  But it can be a bear at time, the power is really in the ability to access most any piece of the business from within the cloud based package.

Here are the topics I plan to cover – I will link to these and add more as we go.

Netsuite Web Development:

  1. website setup
  2. website themes
  3. netsuite specific design
  4. products and product categories
  5. layouts
  6. themes
  7. netsuite & google annalytics
  8. website tips & tricks
  9. other interesting things

Please let me know if you think of more questions – this will be an interesting exercise.

More to come.

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